Beyond The Pale

Beyond The Pale are:

Gordon McLeod - vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolins, bass, clarinet

Gordon McLeod plays fiddle, guitar, bodhran, mandolin, bass, sings lead and backing vocals and is an award-winning songwriter. Gordon has been performing and composing music all of his life as a solo artist, a member of several bands and as a recording session artist. He is an accomplished fiddler and guitarist in several genres and has long been an avid traditional Irish fiddler, having studied in Ireland with numerous Irish fiddle masters. He also enjoys playing acoustic swing and Jazz on the violin and guitar. He is a sought after record producer and has produced all of Beyond The Pale's recordings. He  an award winning songwriter. Beyond The Pale's latest CD Wantin' Something More feature Gordon's original song Catalpa Rescue and their earlier relases feature many of  his songs and compositions.

Christy McLeod - vocals, guitar, harmonica, mandolins

Christy McLeod's natural soulfulness shows not only in her beautiful singing and guitar playing but in her wit and instant rapport with her audiences as well. Christy began performing in her early teens. She plays guitar, harmonica, bodhran and percussion and sings lead and backing vocals. Christy has performed  over much of the United States and in Ireland and France as well. She is also a gifted and witty songwriter. For example, her composition " Wantin'' Something More" is the title track of the band's latest album. "The Music Plays Me" is the title track of Beyond The Pale's 2006 CD " The Music Plays Me".  She is also known for her creative arrangements of covers including Where To Now St. Peter by Elton John and  Pink Floyd's On The Turning Away

Betsy Cummings - vocals, accordion, bodhran

Betsy Cummings has been performing Celtic and Americana music for many years and plays piano accordion and bodhran. She sings a wonderful array of traditional and contemporary songs. Her distinctive voice combined with her sensitive feeling for the music, her skillful fingers on the accordion keys and her knack for picking the most captivating songs add a rich dimension to Beyond The pale's sound. She is a past President of the Southwest Celtic music association and remains active on the board of that organization.

John Delaney - vocals, flute , whistles, hammered dulcimer, saxophones, concertina

John Delaney brings a wealth of talent to Beyond The Pale. John plays flute, hammered dulcimer, tin whistle, concertina and saxophone and adds his dulcet baritone to the band's vocal performances as both a lead and backing vocalist. John has been performing  traditional  and contemporary music for many years with several well known groups including Lost Tribe and Rakish Paddy and  Slim Richey. He is well known as a talented multi instrumentalist and his vocal talents are often the highlight of the band’s shows.